2017. Retirement at last. Hooray!!


Colin Marshall is my name and I welcome you to my website. I live on the Mornington Peninsula in the state of Victoria in Australia and I have created this site for my descendants so that they may know a little about me when I am long gone from this world. It is also to showcase all of the interesting things that I have experience during my life time. One does not realise how good life has been until you actually sit down and write about it. I am no-one special. Just an ordinary person plodding through life, as a lot of us do. But when I look back, it is quite amazing to see some of the things that I have done. I think, "Wow! Did I do that?"

General Woodwork, Furniture Making, Performing in Stage Plays, Wooden Toy Making, Market Stall, Solo Singing and Teaching Singing, Performing on Amateur Musicals, Choirs, Learning the Saxophone, Sheet Music Collecting (especially music with lyrics by Frederic E Weatherly), Stamp Collecting, Vinyl Record Collecting, Collecting Clown Figurines, N Scale Model Rail, Postman, Storeman, Retail Assistant, Cash Van Salesman, Gardening, Lawn Installations, Clowning, School Crossing Supervisor (Lollipop Man), Real Estate Stock Board Erecting Business and Genealogy. The more I think back into my past the more I discover. Life really has been good.

It's all here on my site so enjoy browsing through it. Maybe it will inspire you too, to also write it down. Not necessarily in a website, but just write it down. Your descendants will be glad you did and so will your memory.

Please visit this site often, as I will be continually adding new content.

Colin Marshall.

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