"Mort" March 2008

Mort was the first play I had done that was not a musical. The part was actually offered to me. They were looking for a tall man with a very clear and deep speaking voice, to play the role of Death. The Director of the play played opposite me in a role in Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Sorcerer". So he knew my voice and as the were stuck, he rang me up and asked me to part take in the play. It was definitely a new experience for me and there were more lines to learn than I had ever had. Some 380 lines I think. But I was glad that I accepted the role as It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

The play is one of the Discworld series. This was a series created by Terry Pratchet and was an animated series on TV. In this adventure, Death gets an apprentice, whose name is Mort, but makes the mistake of leaving him in charge of the family business while he goes off to experience other things. For example, Death goes to the employment office to get another job for a while and finishes up as a short order cook. Needless to say while he is away Mort makes a complete mess of everything and Death has to return to put it all right again.

Mort Poster


Yes, that is actually me behind the mask. I made it myself as well as the gloves. The director drew some bone shapes on the gloves and they really looked good. He also added some blue and red LED light to the eyes of the mask which I controlled myself with a three way switch under the chin. It got very warm in that mask and I was always glad of a break when I was off stage. I drank heaps of water during the show so that I would not dehydrate. The perspiration used to just pour of my face, but no-one in the audience could see that.

Mort cast

The above photo is of the full cast. Mort is on my left.


Here I am rehearsing the employment office scene.


Another photo during rehearsals. I think this is the very first scene when I meet Mort and take him on as an apprentice.

Director Damo

This was the Director of the play. Damian Perry. Thank you Damian for the experience. You have actually got me hooked on Discworld.


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