Infant Days

Not many of us can recall much about our infant days and I am no different. I have small pieces of it floating around in my brain like pieces of a jig saw puzzle. I know that I did not go to pre-school as I have no memory of it. One piece which is very vivid is a memory of me sitting in a puddle at the bottom of the back veranda steps and I was crying. My mother was standing there and saying something like "Now what on earth are you doing in that puddle". I think I actually fell over and that is where I landed.

Another vivid memory is the visits the we used to do to my Nanna (my fathers mother). She had an apartment above the shops at St.Kilda. It was quite a journey from Surrey Hills in those days. A train to Melbourne City and then a tram to St.Kilda.

Other memories that come to mind are, having sandwiches for lunch on the back veranda with an egg flip for a drink. We used to sit at a little table that our father had made and I think that he had made the little chairs as well.

He had made quite a lot of our play things and I am trying to recall them. Let's see, there was the play equipment in the back yard, the sandpit, a post and basketball ring, a train that you sat in and someone pushed you along, a wooden tricycle, the table and chairs of course and I can recall the on the wall of the house under the back veranda there was a blackboard. It would have been about two metres long by about half a metre high. I spent many hours at this blackboard.

Also, I have a memory of having a favourite stuffed toy. It was a little dog and looked like a fox terrier. One day, it mysteriously disappeared. Parents can be cruel sometimes. I kept looking for it for quite some time, but eventually I did get over it.

As you can see, my infant memories are just lots of pieces, but the ones that I do recall, will always be with me.


� 2014 Colin Marshall ( born 13 June 1950)