The Peninsula Singers - 1986 to 2006

When I moved to Mornington in 1986, I noticed that they did not have a local community choir. After doing some research I decided to hold a public meeting to see if there was any interest in forming such a group. To my amazement, about 40 people attended the meeting and we eventually formed a committee and a choir. We named it "The Peninsula Singers" and later on we became an Incorporated association. I was Musical Director for the first few months until we could find and appoint someone more permanent. We managed to get Fabian Stirling. He only stayed with us for the first year and directed our first concert which was called "Cook's Tour in Song". We called it that because it just so happened that it was the Australian Bi-Centennial at the time. We even managed to include it as an official event of the Bi-Centennial, which also gave us use of the official Bi-centennial logo.

After that, we had to appoint a new Musical Director. That's when Joy Hillier came on the scene. ....... (To be continued)

� 2014 Colin Marshall ( born 13 June 1950)