School Crossing Supervisor

I worked as a school crossing supervisor for 18.5 years. I have seen some very bad drivers and some excellent and courteous drivers. Some of them hold us in contempt and curse us for stopping them. These drivers are obviously NOT parents. Then again, there are some parents who are in too much of a hurry and do not see us until it is to late. When you approach a school crossing please slow down and just imagine that it is YOUR child waiting to cross the road. You will only be stopped for a very, very short time. About 20-30 seconds. That's not much to ask of you for the safety of our children. So please, When you see the supervisor hold up the stop sign, This is what you do. STOP! And please do not move off again until the supervisor is clearly off the crossing and on the kerb. SIMPLE!

Because of some inattentive drivers, I had came very close to being hit by cars. I had to jump out of the way a few times.

PLEASE NOTE. Crossing Supervisors have the authority to take down the rego number of cars of drivers that are inattentive to or deliberately ignore the road rules pertaining to school crossings and submit a report on the incident. There is a possibility that the driver of the vehicle will receive a little something in the mail.

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