Singing Teacher

Now and again I like to take on the occasional singing student. Most of the ones that come to me have some sort of problem or bad habit that they wish to correct. It could be a problem with breathing , diction, posture or even confidence when in front of an audience. Sometimes they may just want to refresh there technique. What ever it is, I do my utmost to try and improve there singing and solve it for them.

My teaching style is probably more in the area of musicianship rather that teaching some-one to sing. But of course if they are a complete novice then I will start them from scratch.

I also enjoy teaching some theory of music. It is very satisfying watching the student gain the knowledge and then see them put it into practice.

I don't charge a lot for my services as it is not primarily about the money. It is more about the satisfaction of having improved someone's skill and in turn their life.

If you are a singer and have a problem, maybe I could help you. Contact me via the form on my home page .

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