My Story

My story is probably not much different to many other children from the 1950s. We were known as and still are the "Baby Boomer "generation. There was no television in the early 1950s and no computers. For entertainment there was the radio or wireless as it was know then and the movies, sporting events, picnics, Sunday drive in the countryside, concerts or just playing with your friends. We never had a family car, so I would walk, ride my bike or use public transport to get around. Many children belonged to clubs like Cubs, Scouts, Brownies or Guides. There were also lots of churches with youth groups. My church had Church of England Boys Society (C.E.B.S.), Young Anglican Fellowship (Y.A.F.) and Girls Friendly Society (G.F.S.).

I have put down my story in different pages. Each page is a different time of my life, leading up to when I left school.

� 2014 Colin Marshall ( born 13 June 1950)