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It looks like I might be back doing my toy making hobby soon. I have been able to set up a small work shop at my new house in the Lifestyle Village in Bittern Victoria. Just a few more things to do and then I can transport my machinery from the storage unit. The amount of time that I can spend making toys will depend on the tolerance of my close neighbour and the amount of noise I produce. I suspect that their will be some kerfew put on me by the village management, but that's OK as they have a workshop here and I can wheel my noisier machines over there to use them and do the quieter processes at home. There are also heaps of other things that I want to do here at the village, so all of my time won't be spent making toys.

Toy making came about when I was entertaining children at birthday parties as "Lofty" the clown. I would make toys and give them to the birthday child as my present to them. The toys all took the shape of a clown or were painted in my clown colours, red, yellow and blue. now, my toys take all shapes and sizes, cars, trucks, boats, aeroplanes, games, puzzles, construction toys, dinosaurs, and just about anything that I want to put my hand to. The variety is infinite, But it brings joy to me as i make them and joy to the child that receives it.

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14th 0ctober 2021
Super Crane

3rd october 2021
VW Bus and Camper Trailer

7th june 2021
connect 4 game

29th may 2021
Smallworld VW play set

28th april 2021

daytona 500 speedboat

1st april 2021
Redbull aero racer aeroplane

1st february 2021
set of dominos

18th February 2021
Big farm tractor & Grain dumper trailer

12th January 2021
Combine harvester

23rd october 2020
Motor trike and trailer. (sold)

7th october 2020
Speed ramp for hot wheels cars.

9th july 2020
Elephant jigsaw puzzle, Rabbit Puzzle, Turtle Puzzle and Partridge in a Pear tree puzzle.

july 30th
Tank puzzle, jeep puzzle and fighter jet puzzle.

August 8th 2020
1931 hot rod ford roadster

May 15th 2020
1932 Fire Engine

2 april 2020
Astronaut acrobats (sold)

10th April 2020
Henny penny and her three chicks
pull-a-long toy (SOLD)

5TH april 2020
set of four 1920 vintage cars.
Limousine, taxi, coupe and a sports. ( Yellow car SOLD)

9th FEBRUARY 2020

7th february 2019
truck set comprising of a prime mover, timber trailer, coal trailer and van box trailer.

5th December 2018
My Little Shop Register complete with scanner, eft machine, play money and credit card. (sold)

21st November 2018
Completed some well known board games.

The Hui Game (SOLD)

Shut The Box (SOLD)

Tic-Tac-Toe (SOLD)

Peg Solitaire

9th November 2018
1949 style Santa, Sleigh & Reindeer. (SOLD)

13th August 2018
1. Galaxi-ADI Troop Carrier. (SOLD)
2. Galaxi-AI Bat Drone. (SOLD)
3. Galaxi- AI Drone Transporter and Weapon (SOLD)

May 27th 2018
X-Wing and X-Wing Transporter Vehicle. The tray on the Transporter elevates for launching the X-wing Spacecraft. Topical at the moment with all of the sci-fi movies coming out. (SOLD)

April 16th 2018
A 1955 Pick Up, Pony Trailer, Pony Stable, Corral, Hay Bales & Ponies. Quite a mouthful to say, but many years of play in this cute mini toy. (SOLD)

January 30th 2018
Dolls Cradle suit for a 12"doll (SOLD)

January 25th 2018
Ironing Board and Iron. Fold up for easy storage. (SOLD)

January 17th 2018
Toy Sewing machine (SOLD)

January 12th 2018
Set of 5 mini vehicles. set consists of a semi trailer, pick up truck, bat car, vw bug and a mini van. (SOLD)

December 24th 2017
4 sets of "What's That" blocks. They include, Farm Animals, Numbers, Sea Animals and Wild Animals. (ONLY ONE LEFT. Wild Animals)

November 10th 2017
Set of Dominoes (SOLD)

October 6th 2017
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures (ALL SOLD)

August 2nd 2017
Primer Mover, Low Boy Trailer and Hi Loader Tractor. (SOLD)

July 16th 2017
Did a quick build on this colour and count stacker. (SOLD)

July 14th 2017
CAT Front End Loader Backhoe. (SOLD)
Both the front bucket and backhoe operate as well as the rear stabilisers

June 26th 2017
Super Train.
This train consists of an Engine, Club Car, 12 Passengers and a Station. The roof of both the engine and club car lift off for loading and unloading of passengers.

June 7th 2017
A quick little train to make. Happy-Go -Lucky Train. (SOLD)

May 31st 2017
The second train is a 1955 Vintage toy train, consisting of a Steam Engine, Coal Truck, Timber Truck, Passenger Carriage, Parcel Van, Caboose, and Train Station. (SOLD)

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