My Hobbies, interests and activities

Hobbies, for many people, are an escape from the everyday pressures of life. They take you far away into a world where you just never give other issues a thought. When I am active in one of my hobbies, I am totally concentrated on what I am doing and relaxed. You might say that having a hobby is good for your health and well being.

My hobbies are many and varied. They include Woodwork, Singing, Philately, Collecting clown figurines, Collecting vinyl LPs, Collecting Sheet Music with lyric by Frederic E Weatherly ( He wrote the lyrics to "Danny Boy"), Genealogy, but only for my own family history and of course this website is another of my hobbies.

I have done a subpage here for each one. Click on the links in the paragraph above or in the menu on the left margin. Be aware the I may not have published some of them yet but keep returning as I am continually adding data. Please enjoy browsing through them.


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