Clown Shows and Appearances

In 1986, after moving from Ferntree Gully to Mornington, I decided that I wanted to have a change in direction with my entertaining. Even as a young boy, I had always been impressed with clowns. I had wondered what it be like to do clowning.

I set about telephoning different entertainment agencies to see if they could point me in the right direction to make a start with it. In doing so, I spoken to an agency named Arrow Promotions. They suggested that I join the Moomba Clown Club and so I took there advise and did so.

It turned out to be very good advise as the clown club used to run workshops for its member every month. I learnt a heck of a lot about the art of clowning from them. things like make-up, clown etiquette, psychology, skits, costuming, balloon sculpturing, developing a character and they even had a juggling workshop once, but I never did master that skill.

As time went on I eventually made it on to the committee and served a term as club secretary.

We used to go out and do gigs as a club for charity and sometimes did the odd shopping centre walk around clowning. The Moomba Clown Club was the official supplier of clowns for the Moomba Parade in Melbourne. After the parade, We would all go the Alexandra Gardens where we would do walk around clowning and attend the lost children's marque. It was all very enjoyable and very educational. My clown skills were being honed to perfection during this time.

So, with all the necessary skills and equipment, I had developed not one clown character, but three characters.

My first clown was "Lofty" the August Clown. (August is a German word meaning clumsy or stupid). He was my main clown and did a lot of festivals and picnics doing walk around clowning but he mostly did birthday parties.

My second clown was "Mymo" the White Face Clown. He was a mime. I originally spelt it "Mimo" but people would always pronounce it "Mimmo". In retrospect, maybe I should have spelt it "Mime-O". He specialised in balloon sculpturing.

My third and final clown was "Tales" the Tramp Character Clown. He was a story teller. He wore tales and told tales, hence the name "Tales".

� 2014 Colin Marshall ( born 13 June 1950)