N Scale Model Rail

When I was a very young lad, I used to play with a clock work model rail. It used to belong to my Uncle when he was a boy. My Mother had it stored away in a suitcase which had his name embossed on it. I got many pleasurable hours of play from that train set. It used to take up a lot of space when I got it out and put it together. It was not a permanent lay out you see. Every time I wanted to play with it, I had to get it out of the cupboard and put it together rail by rail. That was half of the fun as each time I used to make a different configuration. The whole thing took up the entire length and width of the hallway which was about 10 metres by 2.5 metres.

Unfortunately, my mother gave it away to the salvation army collection. I was most disappointed when she did that. Today it would be a very valuable toy.

Anyway, in the mid 1980s, my daughter sent a letter to Santa requesting an electric train set and he obliged her with an HO circular train set. I set it up on a table 8'x4' that I had constructed for her and added some more rails to it so that it was no longer just a circle. It wasn't long before she tired of and of course yours truly went on playing with it.

I started to want more from it so after some research, I discovered the world of model rail. I sat down and designed a layout to build but to my dismay, I found that it was going to take up the whole of my double car garage. Well that was out of the question. I now did some more research and discovered N scale. This would enable me to keep my layout design but only use a third of the space.

As fortune would have it I inherited a some of money and was able to add on to the garage, a workshop and a model rail room. I still decided however to stay with N scale as I could have a lot more model rail within my room.

I then set to and stared to build it. Click on this link to see my first N scale layout.

In hindsight I think that I tried to do to much at once and it all became a to hard basket case. I finished up dismantling it all and rethought the whole thing again. This time I decided to put my woodwork hobby and model rail hobby together and went into building an N scale coffee table layout.

I will let the pictures on my facebook page now tell the rest of the story.

Click on this link to see my Coffee Table layout project.
Please be patient as there are a lot of photos on the page and it may take a while to load. Even though the photos may not be visible in the album, just click on the first photo space and progress through them via the advance arrow on the right of each photo.

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