Frederic E weatherly song Collection

One area in my sheet music collection that I am very interested in, is a collection of songs with lyrics written by Frederic E Weatherly. Writer of the lyrics to "Danny Boy". He was a prolific writer with some 3000 works to his name. 1500 of those lyrics for songs. Below is a list of song titles that are in my collection. As you will see, I have physically collected 3 titles in sheet music, but I am always on the lookout for more of his works to add to my collection.
The above images are of the lyricist and poet Frederic Edward Weatherly.

If you are a fellow collector of Weatherly's works and would like to swap items, I have spare copies of some of them. You can contact me via the form on my HOME page.

The following list is of titles that I have collected the sheet music to.

(revised list yet to be added)

Also, I have created a database file of song titles that I have found. Some of the information tells me where I might possibly acquire a copy of the sheet music. So far I have listed 1067 titles of songs in my database file. This includes the 356 songs that I have already physically collected.

Hear are the ? titles on that database file that I have not yet collected.
( revised list yet to be added)


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