Amateur Shows


Various choirs Various Concerts, 1st treble as a boy. BassBaritone as an adult. 1958 -2004.

Whitehorse Musical Theatre, The Merry Widow, Chorus. 1971.

Whitehorse Musical Theatre, South Pacific, Lt. Buzz Adams. 1972.

Whitehorse Musical Theatre, Orpheus in the Underworld, Chorus. 1973.

Whitehorse Musical Theatre, Annie Get Your Gun, Mac the property Man. 1973.

Whitehorse Musical Theatre, The Mikado, Chorus. 1974.

Whitehorse Musical Theatre, The Pajama Game, Chorus. 1974.

Whitehorse Musical Theatre, Robert and Elizabeth, Capt. Surtees fellow Officer. 1975.

Whitehorse Musical Theatre, Paint Your Wagon, Johanson. 1976.

Whitehorse Musical Theatre, Mame, Chorus. 1976.

Variety Galore, Various as booked, Compere, soloist, chorus. 1982-84.

Self (LMT Clowns & Toys), Various parties & festivals, Clown (Lofty, Mymo & Tales) 1985 – 2002.

Whitehorse Musical Theatre, My Fair Lady, 3rd Cockney. 1986.

The Peninsula Singers Inc., Annual concerts and sing outs, Founder & member (Bass). 1987-2005.

Peninsula Light Opera Society, My Fair Lady, 3rd Cockney. 1992.

Rainbow Theatre Pantomime, Sleeping Beauty (pantomime), Percy the pine tree. 1993.

Challenge Music Theatre Inc., Trial By Jury, The Usher. 1994.

Challenge Music Theatre Inc., Djamileh, Chorus. 1994.

CEF Players Mornington, Pirates of Penzance, Sergeant of Police. 1994.

F.A.M.P.A.C., A Cavalcade of Musical Theatre, Various Characters. 1995.

Great Stage Musical Society, Man of La Mancha, Governor/Inn Keeper. 1996.

Colin Marshall (Self), Solo concerts (Various venues), Singer/Entertainer. 1998 – 2003.

CEF Players Mornington, The Fantasticks, Huckleby. 2000.

CEF Players Mornington, Iolanthe, Orchestra Pit Singer (Bass). 2000.

CEF Players Mornington, A Grand Night for Singing, Chorus and Various parts. 2004.

CEF Players Mornington, Bitter Sweet, Chorus & Lt. Tannish. 2006.

CEF Players Mornington, The Sorcerer, Sir Marmaduke Poindexter. 2007.

CEF Players Mornington, Scrooge – The Stingiest Man in Town, Ghost of Joseph Marley. 2010.

CEF Players Mornington, The Secret Garden, Ben Weatherstaff (Gardener). 2011.

Panorama Theatre Company, My Son Pinocchio - Gepetto's Musical Tale, Professor Bonraggazo. 2011.

Community event for Mt Eliza Uniting Church, "Let's Sing the Mikado, Pooh Bah, 2012.

Community event for Mt Eliza Uniting Church, "Let's Sing the Pirates of Penzance, Police Sergeant, 2013.

PLAYS I have only ever been in one play that was not a musical or operetta. It was one of Terry Pratchett's stories from his Discworld series. It was titled "Mort. I played one of the lead roles, "Death". There was something like 360 lines to learn, but it was a very fun experience for me. It was staged by Astral Theatre in Rosebud in March 2008. The story was based around the fact that Death gets an apprentice, "Mort and leaves the business in his hands while he goes off to pursue another career and other experiences. Needless to say all does not go well and complications set in, resulting in the need for Death to return and sort everything out.


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